Django Document Catalogue

Simple, light-weight, stand-alone, hierarchical document library as a reusable django app.

Use Case

  • you need a library of static media documents (PDF or other formats);

  • documents are organized in hierarchical categories;


  • permanent URLs for direct access to document, category, and file download (even if filename changes when document is updated)

  • opt-out private file storage (file storage / downloads protected by login, on by default)

  • upload / edit / delete documents via django admin, and/or…

  • opt-in user-facing edit / upload / delete views and AJAX API (off by default)

  • plug-in permissions settings

  • plug-in document list view customization (ordering menu on by default)

  • plays nice with dropzone for drag-and-drop file uploads

  • plays nice with django-admin-sortable2 for drag-and-drop document ordering in admin